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„Building strong, long lasting commercial relationships”

Facilitate the hard way of market development and distribution through our services. Create yourself a clear, measurable, financial advantage.

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About MONTAN Trading


MONTAN Trading - '' Building strong, long lasting commercial relationships ''. We focus on the development of trade relations between companies in Austria, Germany and Iran.


Our mission is the satisfaction of our customers and ensuring growth of all parties.


MONTAN Trading is a modern, ambitious company with the aim to market the products and solutions for our customers.

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MONTAN Trading

As a trading agency, based in Austria – Leoben, we focus on import/export business, where we try to create an intense and stable relationship by making personal contact to producers, as well as to customers. Facilitate the hard way of market development and distribution through our services. Create yourself a clear, measurable, financial advantage.

For this purpose, we find customers for the products of Austrian, German and Iranian manufacturers.

Our Competences:

  • Cast Steel
  • High Alloy Steels
  • Nickel-Based Alloys
  • Cobalt-Based Alloys
  • Ferro-Alloys
  • Magnesium-Alloys
  • Spare Parts
  • Equipment and Machinery
  • Industrial Consumables

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Phone Calls


Driven Kilometers


We want to help our customers, to sustainably enter new foreign markets and expand their business, or to open up a new one.

We have access to a broad network in order to achieve these objectives.


We help our clients to grow by delivering them international buyers for their products, take care of both sides and create stable trade relations.


Our core market is Central Europe and Iran. From there we build bridges and maintain contacts and relations in all relevant markets.


In any case, made-to-measure!


Our services follow precisely the individual needs and requirements of our customers.


Our customers include large, global companies, as well as medium-sized companies from the Iron and Steel Industry, Oil and Gas Industry, Petroleum Industry, Mining Industry and Cement Industry.




Manufacturers are business partners who wish to sell their products. The expansion of business is important, which is why we take care about the most efficient and best way of sales. The law requires partial certifications or licenses that we, if necessary, take care of and create the conditions for the respective markets. After joint adapting the products to market requirements, we sell them through our dealer networks and help you, if applicable,  build your own distribution.


The manufacturer and MONTAN Trading are therefore in a contractual relationship, the commercial agent contract. MONTAN Trading is hereby paid on a commission basis, after the conclusion of the transaction.




Customers are business partners, who want to buy the raw materials and products from manufacturers or resell them. Our customers include retailers, wholesalers, corporations, importers and producers. We increase their market shares through targeted procurement and affordable shopping. Here we are looking specifically for manufacturers, sign a commercial agent contract with them and get paid on a commission basis, after the conclusion of the transaction.

Growth Strategies for Industry

  Development of the Iranian Market and Expansion

Due to largely removed sanctions against Iran, a gigantic market is awakening. In the future, many well-known companies will try to position themselves in the market and benefit from the favourable geographical connection.


MONTAN Trading has recognized the particular situation, developed networks even during the time of sanctions and now sees itself as a competent partner to help you to gain a foothold in this vast but difficult market. Market launches are always connected to incalculable factors and risks. The establishment of a distribution, translation of sales documents in the relating language, adapting product portfolios, logistics, toll and marketing activities must be organized and implemented.



MONTAN Trading will be glad to help you expand to IRAN, we can give many valuable tips and offer individual services.


MONTAN Trading sees itself as an extended arm for growing companies.

MONTAN Performance Package








Understanding the target market is essential to have success. Only with the right products, such the the local consumers searches and / or is used to, it will work.


Analysis of the market and products are the basis, but prior to this, we also support you in product development.


We provide all the relevant information on the target market and the associated requirements to your products.


We are constantly seeking after technologies, manufacturers and potential buyers, in order for you  to remain innovative and to expand your portfolio.


Sourcing is a key factor for business success these days.


Based on our unique network in the Iranian economic environment and in other countries, we can reliably help you with the selection, procurement and distribution of raw materials, semi-finished products, special parts and final products in metallurgy and mechanical engineering, as well as consumer goods industry. At the same time we pay attention to safety and environmental requirements. We help you to find new sources of supply and distribution networks and expand your business activities or optimize them.


If the matching products are ready, your success comes through optimal distribution channels and appropriate marketing.


We take over all sales activities for the company. Our performance starts at market-specific product analysis, comprehensive market analyses and marketing recommendations for new and existing products, bringing together producer and customer up to building an appropriate sales structure in the target market.


Based on our excellent market knowledge, as well as our profound industry expertise, we can help to create a strong brand and market your products as effectively as possible. We hereby cover all sales-related needs and organise trade shows, trainings and to translations, to the provide a full range of services.


Of course we advise you in terms of sales activities and in the field of logistics to handle the problematic import to Iran including customs clearance, certifications and distribution.


An entire follow in consultation depending on the interests of our clients completes our offer and automatically ensures that the access to the market and the establishment of structures have sustainable character.

With MONTAN Trading – The Balance at a Glance



  • are your extended arm in sales
  • increase your sales
  • release capacity in your company
  • are there, when your customers need us
  • bring new customers
  • listen to the marketplace


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Business Partners

SERENOS supports MONTAN Trading in cement, mining and oil & gas industries and is the ideal partner to achieve cross-border growth, ensuring superior distribution services and customized customer relationship management through its network of agents.

MONTAN Trading is the exclusive distribution partner of Isfahan Casting Industries Co. (ICI) in the European Union. Beginning with 2016, we have taken over sales, marketing and technical customer support for ICI and its casting components. For more than 30 years, Isfahan Casting Industries has been one of the best known and most productive Iranian foundries and sets standards in terms of quality and reliability as a supplier of heavy industry.

If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favourable!

– Lucius Annaeus Seneca